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Sheena Chohan Stars in Film Launched by Joint Secretary for Broadcasting at India’s Official 2024 Pavilion at Cannes

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  • 04 June, 2024
Sheena Chohan Stars in Film Launched by Joint Secretary for Broadcasting at India’s Official 2024 Pavilion at Cannes

Sheena Chohan is the star of Amar Prem, a love triangle drama which  premiered at the official India pavilion at Cannes, 2024. The poster  and trailer was launched at the Barat Pavilion, The National Film  Development Corporation (NFDC)’s official Cannes pavilion by Mr. Sanjiv  Shankar, Joint Secretary of Information & Briadcasting for the  Government of India.

Actress Sheena Chohan,  whose work includes projects such as Malayalam film The Train opposite  Mammootty, The Trial alongside Kajol, the Fame Game alongside Madhuri  Dixit, Disney Hotstar’s The City of Dreams 2 and Netflix’s Ant Story to  name a few, is presently shooting in the US where her Hollywood film  Nomad releases later this year.

Amar Prem is directed by Suvendu Raj Ghosh, and produced by the Great Indian Film Television.

Sharing  about her role, Sheena tells, "I play Neha, a girl who believes in true  love and who has had a fulfilling relationship with her husband who she  not only deeply loves, but respects and admires, and then she finds out  a truth he had hidden from her.

It's absolutely  heartbreaking, an emotional rollercoaster, but is about the real value  and purpose of true love and so it’s one of my favourite films I've  made."

Talking about what prompted her to take  up the role, she adds, "Firstly it was the director - Suvendu Raj Ghosh -  when he narrated the project to me it filled me with so much joy,  because it is doing exactly what cinema should - it's bringing a message  about purpose in life, about the goodness of man, about hope and about  love to people. Everything for me comes down to character - I always  immerse myself completely into a character and become a blank page for  my director and on this film it was a dream as Suvendu Sir knew exactly  what he wanted and the character he gave me had so many interesting  layers to her. It was beyond a pleasure!"

Giving  insights about the film's subject, she shares, "It's a film we can all  connect to because we all know what it is like to love and to lose - at  some point in our lives we all lose people we love and the more we love  them, the more it hurts. This film is a philosophical look into how a  person can love someone so much it breaks through any natural jealous  impulse or desire to own a person and instead look at the true  properties of love, which doesn't include putting people in a cage, but  in giving them their freedom and wanting to see them happy. It's USP is  that I've never seen a film take up a subject so touching like this."

Apart  from Amar Prem, Sheena has 3 more releases in 2024. The first is a  Hindi feature Sant Tukaram, where she plays Avalai Jiji Bai, the female  lead opposite Subodh Bhave, directed by Aditya Om. The second is a  Telugu film, where she plays alongside south star JD Chakravarthy. Last  but not the least, Sheena will also be seen in a negative lead, playing a  She-Devil, for another OTT platform.

Sheena,  who was given the Human Rights Hero at the United Nations and was  personally asked by the office of the United Nations’ High Commissioner  on Human Rights, Volker Türk, to help promote human rights, is now being  presented with a Lifetime Achievement – President’s Volunteer Award,  hand-signed by the President of the United States, President Biden, for  her human rights work, in an award function in Florida on March 8th.

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