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Parul Yadav enjoys a special spiritual journey in Kerala with a special pilgrimage ahead of her birthday

  • by: news desk
  • 04 June, 2024
Parul Yadav enjoys a special spiritual journey in Kerala with a special pilgrimage  ahead of her birthday

Parul Yadav is one of the most loved and adored celebrities in the  Indian entertainment industry. She has a loyal legion of fans cheering  for her and she has without a doubt worked hard to earn every bit of it.  The actress has had a phenomenal career down South with movies like  Killing Veerappan, Shivajinagara, Uppi 2, Bachchan, Jessie, Butterfly,  Dreams & many more. Well, if her career in the South has been great,  the diva is all set to achieve even greater things once she gets going  with her work in the Hindi entertainment space. 

As  of now, all fans of Parul Yadav are immensely excited and happy because  she's all set to celebrate her birthday in a couple of days. Yes,  that's right. She celebrates her birthday on the 5th June and  henceforth, to know more about her plans and what she has in mind, we  got in touch with the actress. Well, this year, it seems like Kerala is  the place that she's chosen for her peace and solace for ringing her  birthday. On being asked more about her plans, she shared and we quote,

"  Birthdays can be peculiar things, moments where time bends and the soul  yearns for something more. This year, I set out on a journey through  the ancient corridors of faith, visiting three temples that have stood  sentinel for over a thousand years. My pilgrimage began in the predawn  darkness at Chottanikkara, where I found myself entranced by the 4 a.m.  Nirmalyam, watching as the goddess was bathed, in a timeless ritual.  Next, I offered my prayers at Kodungallur, where the Roudra Roopam of  the Devi presides, a raw and powerful reminder of the primal forces that  shape us. The morning's final darshan was at the Sri Rama temple in  Thriprayar, where feeding the fishes felt like an echo from a distant  past, a simple act resonating with profound significance. Each moment  layered with meaning, my birthday transformed into a journey through  time and spirit, an experience that felt both eternal and fleeting."

Well,  kudos to Parul for actually following her heart and instinct and doing  what satisfied her the most. Here's wishing her a great birthday going  forward and we wish her good luck for all her future work endeavours.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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