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Modi govt is totally insensitive towards economy, Needs wake up from sleep and start working as responsible govt ?

  • by: news desk
  • 03 September, 2020
Modi govt is totally insensitive towards economy, Needs wake up from sleep and start working as responsible govt ?

New Delh:  India is undergoing another transformation. In 1970s, India was impressively democratic — with the exception of the period known as the Emergency imposed by then prime minister Indira Gandhi between 1975 and 1977. But its economy grew too slowly. After the balance of payments crisis of 1991, India introduced radical reforms. Over the next two decades its economy became faster-growing, while the political system remained robustly democratic. 

After the global financial crisis, however, growth slowed. India’s politics is also now moving towards an aggressively illiberal form of majoritarianism. These twin changes are not for the better.On the other hand Economy faces certain point of development because of many good reforms and one of the major is nationalisation of bank's since from 1970 to 2014 economy simantanously fluctuate

But 2014 onwards in Modi government economy much faces the devastation and this will lead to country economy growth too much slower and 20-30 years back from present generation here not only the problem about reforms and polices here's the actual problem is about implementation of policies. Because policies were made and made but no one thinks how these policies work how these policies were implemented in the country. 

Our country is counted in developing countries list so in developing times country economy crises would cause more destructible phases and this crisis will faced by our future generation our country country happiness index counted as one of the best as comparison from others countries but due to the awakened situation in Economy of the country might effect our country happiness index. So here government need to take care about this happiness of the people and country.

Here as we compare our present Economy with here I'll said old time economy because old is gold the present condition of economy far worst then previous many years so here's some specific reasons for worst Economy conditions today were Demonatisation,GST goods and services tax, NITI AAYOG in place of planning commission, privatisation of public sector etc. 

These all dramatic reforms or changes were done only to show political identity nothing else here political identity means to show that this government done something best for the people.  But in 90's the government have some sense of responsibilities on there shoulders. During Indira Gandhi tenure the economy condition might be slow but on other hand she tackles the economic crisis by good policies and strategic implementation the worst condition of that time is agriculture due to drought and floods people start faces the condition of starvation. 

But this condition simantanously tackled by that government. And major economic as well as agriculture development step taken by Indira Gandhi was Green revolution. Same during the tenure of Dr manmohan singh in 2008 country faces the financial crises but manmohan singh get the country out this crisis. And many sensible plan and programme were started in manmohan singh tenure such as MNREGA, Bharat nirman yogna etc.These all plans were led country economy in constructive way and development.

Here At last this all things show that present government is totally insensitivity towards economy and Fear that country faces in future. So this the time government needs wake up from sleep and start working as responsible government for the people because government elected by people on the basis of their work Not on the basis of their names.

Vishal Singh, Student activist Lucknow University

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